Washington Karate Association

Ballard (206) 784-3171
Bellevue (425) 641-8123
Tacoma (253) 589-6924

Shihan Julius Thiry

Picture Julius Thiry (Shihan)8th degree black belt certification awarded by The USA National Karate-do Federation (USA-NKF)
  • 8th degree black belt certification and “Shihan” designation in Hayashi-Ha Shito-ryu awarded by Founder and teacher, Soke Teuro Hayashi.
  • International Karate-do Hayashi ha Shito-ryu Federation, Founder
  • World Karate Federation (WKF) certified Judge and Referee and Executive Committee Member for Referee Council
  • Pan American Federation (PKF) Judge and Referee
  • Referee Council Chair
  • Vice President PKF
  • Member, United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Board of Directors
  • Founder, USA National Governing Body for the sport of Karate
  • President USA-NKF
  • Executive Director USA-NKF
  • USA NKF Hall of Fame
  • Outstanding Citizen Awards: 4
  • Congressional Awards: 5
  • AAU sport chair/Washington State
  • Committee for Asian Games, Member
  • Committee for Goodwill Games/Washington, Member
  • Doctorate degree in Sport Science
  • Recognition for contribution: 2 USA Presidents, 6 State Governors

Community Involvement has included:

  • Chair of four non-profit organizations in the state of Washington
  • Member of three charitable institutions in the State of Washington, Committee Chair: 2
  • International Sport Liaison: Goodwill Championships

Julius Thiry is CEO of JT Investment Company, a privately held development company, in the State of Washington where he resides with his wife and family.

Senior Senseis

Ballard Dojo

Sensei Mathew Day
  • 5 years on the USA National Team
  • Gold medalist North American Cup, representing the USA
  • 3 time Men’s National Kumite Champion, -70 Kg, 1994,1995,1998
  • USA-NKF Athlete Advisor to the referee council
  • International kata and kumite referee
  • Chairman of the Washington Karate Association organizing committee
  • Member of the Washington Karate Association, 22 years, Full Time
    Instructor, Washington Karate Association 18 years
  • Employee of the Washington Karate Association, 20 years

Bellevue Dojo

Sensei Junko Arai
  • Education: University of Washington, B.A. in Society and Justice,1998
  • Years in Karate: 15
  • Certifications: CPR and Industrial First Aid
  • Nidan in Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu
  • Nidan certification from the USA-NKF
  • Member of Washington Karate Association for 21 years.
  • Instructor of Washington Karate Association for 9 years
  • 10 years on USA National Team
    United States Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year
  • 8 time National Champion
  • 19 International Medals representing USA
  • Graduate, University of Washington
Accolades include:
  • USA National Karate-Do Federation Athlete of the Year
Other positions include:
  • USA National Karate-Do Federation Athlete Representative to the Board of Directors
  • Athlete Representative (alternate), United States Olympic Committee
  • USA National Karate-Do Federation Athlete Representative to the Board of Directors
  • National Judge (Referee B) Certification

Tacoma Dojo

Sensei Charles Sweigart
  • Training since 1989
  • Shodan Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu in 1990
  • Nidan in 1996
  • Nidan USANKF in 1996
  • CPR and Industrial First Aid certification
Accolades include:
  • Sr. men's National Champion 1995-97
Other positions include:
  • USANKF National Referee
  • PKF Referee
  • WKF Judge A
  • Chief Referee Washington RSO
  • National and regional medallist in kumite and kata

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